Sunday, May 3, 2009

1124 Bardstown Road

I remember this was a psychic reading/tarot card/fortune teller kinda place last summer. Now it's empty. You can see it in its glory days here.

This site lists them as "Louisville Psychic Institute". A site for Senior-citizen caregivers knows them as the Louisville Intuitive Development Center. ("Intuitive" is the swanky new 21st-century way to say "Psychic", in case you didn't know.) Interestingly, a Google search for them shows them coming up in all kinds of healthcare-related directories.

Now I'm wondering if they're the one and the same as the "School of Metaphysics" mentioned in the "Dream Interpretation" flyer I was ridiculing earlier this week on the Karma Cafe post. They were right next door....

And this site says 1124 Bardstown Road was, as recently as January, something called the "Greenhouse Arts Project".

The building must be much bigger on the inside than it looks on the outside... like Pogo's tree or Snoopy's doghouse.

Prior to all this, the building was home to a tattoo parlor, which may or may not have been related to the subsequent psychic-holistic goings-on. And many years ago - like back in the 1980s - it was the original location for Wild & Woolly Video.

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  1. It became the proposed Greenhouse art project this past winter. I walked by there nightly on my way home from Wild & Woolly and Speedway with an arm full of videos and beer, curious what it was, but it never seemed open. There was art in there, so maybe I just never understood its hours.

    Closed again, though. Should add an updated photo of basically the same for lease sign.