Sunday, May 31, 2009

Showcase Cinemas, Bashford Manor

This 13-screen multiplex in the Buechel/Bashford Manor area has been dead since 2004. Though several interested parties have made false-start announcements about taking it over - most notably, the New Vision Ministry Center - it's currently still empty and available.

The parking lot, which was already greatly neglected even when the theatre was in business, is now badly cracked in many places with vegetation pushing its way through and starting to take over - just like on the Life After People show.


  1. I remember hanging out here as a teen and my grandparents lived within walking distance of this place. This used to be THE place to see movies in Louisville back in the day. Is it really odd that Bashford Manor Mall suffered a similar fate basically at the same time? I don't want to blame the gradually declining neighborhood...oh...yes I do...This area used be my second home as a child and I've seen the gradual increase in multiple ethnic groups perpetrating the area. I'm no racist but coincidence just isn't that huge. I'll grant you that newer theaters are technically better but there isn't THAT much difference and when was the last time a whole shopping mall was vacated? Shopping still does well apparently as new 'self contained' outlets have sprung up in the Malls wake. There were too many 'young people' hanging out at these places and 'taking over'. People no longer wanted to patronize anything in this part of town because of it. Others can color it any way they want but the truth is the truth.

  2. This was one of my favorite places growing up in Louisville. It was a weird kind of mecca for me to get lost in. I saw Raiders of the Lost Ark there about 5 times in 1982. I played video games like an idiot for probably hours and hours. Heck, I still almost remember the carpet. I kind of get queasy every time I drive by it.

    Let's chip in on it and make it into a music venue/movie house/car wash.