Thursday, May 14, 2009

Market On Market

Right next door to Primo on Market Street downtown is another empty husk of a failed venture - an upscale gourmet grocery store called Market on Market (get it? get it?). I remember checking them out shortly after they opened and though their food selection was excellent, I wondered even then how they were supposed to survive on one of the most deserted blocks of one of the most deserted parts of downtown. One might as well open a shaved-ice hut in the middle of the Sonoran Desert.

According to this article, the owners had been led to believe the hype that the much-vaunted "downtown growth" really was coming any day now. But it never happened. Some of the nearby planned condo developments remain unfinished, and most that are finished are sitting empty and uninhabited. It's a tragedy, because these businesses could probably have been successful in some other part of Louisville but bravely chose to be pioneers in some downtown developer's pipe dream.


  1. I drove by there at night and it looks like maybe somethings moving in now, the lights were on and blinds were raised

  2. Now the place is home to a AAA office, which is kinda weird considering what used to be there. It seems closed storefronts are usually replaced by similar types of businesses (see Primo), so this new occupant is rather jarring.