Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Spinelli's Pizza, Goose Creek

Seviche's attempt at opening a Goose Creek location may have failed, but at least they gave it the good fight. Spinelli's Pizza's attempt never even got off the ground.

For over a year now - or has it already been two years? - this site has sat in a state of arrested development, with nothing but a spiffy metal sign (probably done by those cool metalworker people whose names escape me but they used to have a studio/gallery on Barret which is also gone now). A "Stop Work" notice is pasted on the door, and the remains of at least two previous ones torn off can also be seen.

It's a damn shame, because Spinelli's is THE best pizza in Jefferson County, for my money. (It would be my favorite pizza ever, but Arni's in Indiana holds that title.) To have Spinelli's be just minutes from where I live would be just Awesome-O.

The original Spinelli's is still thriving, thankfully, at its Highlands location.

This place used to be a cafe and catering company called The Cutting Board. Their logo is still visible in frosted lettering on the door.

What really puzzles me about this whole thing is why it continues to sit there unfinished. Surely they haven't been paying rent for over a year on a store they aren't using? But if they've given up on the project, why haven't they taken their sign down and why hasn't the owner put it back on the market for lease?


  1. Open or closed? I will have to call. I was wanting to go today.

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