Monday, May 4, 2009

Eggroll Machine / Cafe Mimosa

Sadly, we lost Cafe Mimosa/Eggroll Machine (1216 Bardstown Road) in January, to a three-alarm fire. According to Broken Sidewalk:

The fire broke out shortly after 4:00 this morning and is believed to have originated in the rear dumpster. The neighborhood surrounding Cafe Mimosa lost power for several hours today, but electricity was restored before noon. Bardstown Road was blocked in both directions as firefighters roamed through still smoldering building. Luckily the fire was contained to the restaurant and did not spread to either adjacent building, including an animal clinic. With temperatures below zero or in single digits, water from the fire fight froze on all surfaces around the scene creating a surreal hell-frozen-over atmosphere.

The roof collapsed into the building and the structure has been declared a total loss.

Click here for Broken Sidewalk's photos.


  1. Is it weird how Chinese restaurants burn mysteriously. Do you remember 'House of Dragon' on Breckinridge Lane across the street from Jake and Elwoods? Where I used to live I could walk to the place in two minutes and one day, it too, burned down more Hong Su Gai...a sad day indeed.

  2. East Asia in J-town did the same thing.