Saturday, May 9, 2009

The Gaslight Inn

The Gaslight Inn was a quaint restaurant operating out of a historic old home at 10317 Watterson Trail. It featured an outdoor patio/taproom that made a nice place to sit and drink alfresco.

Well, no more. It's shut down, and both the main building and outdoor taproom are for sale separately.


  1. J'Town doesn't appear to be too kind to restaurants. Can't help but notice you've been spending quite a bit of time around there lately, LOL!

    Do you remember Goodall's off Shelbyville road around Lake Forest? Well, that was before they built the Thornton's where it used to be. Little ma and pa places are just disappearing left and right nowadays.

    wish I had the money...I'd snap some of these places right up. What a shame. I know this place wasn't exactly old as it had only been around a few years...sad nonetheless.

  2. Honestly though... this place was open less than a year. Before this, it was Chris's Place and that lasted about the same length. This is another one of those places that has been so many business'. You know what I would like to see. A picture of when Take One Video was on the corner there. Remember that Triangle building. Good times!!!

  3. The Gaslight Inn is now a BBQ joint. It opened up sometime in the recent past and was hopping last weekend.