Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Karma Cafe

Can't say as I'm sorry to see the Karma Cafe go. The food was mediocre and completely inconsistent.

First time I dined at Karma Cafe, their burger was fresh, thick, hand-patted, and delicious. Next time I went there it was a pre-formed pre-frozen thin hockey puck, like you get in a school cafeteria. When I complained, some angry hippie came out and insisted that it was same kind of burger they'd always served since day one. Which was a blatant lie.

I gave them a third chance, many months later. The food was slightly better this time, but the service was atrocious and everyone in the place seemed in some sort of a dull stupor, moving sluggishly and acting like their minds were a million miles away. Far out, man. Outasite. Dude.

Interestingly, a sign still on the bulletin board at the nearby Highland Grounds coffee shop advertises a "National Dream Awareness Weekend" event in the former Karma Cafe building, but neglects to provide a crucial datum: the time and date of said event.


  1. Where is this building located? I have not lived in Louisville for more than 40 years, but have been back from time to time, and know a bit about some neighborhoods. Is this somewhere along Bardstown Road or maybe Baxter Avenue?

  2. Karma Cafe was at 1126 Bardstown Road, at the corner of Bardstown and Ellwood. It had been another short-lived eatery called Rendezvous Cafe prior to that.

  3. Sounds like true stoners worked there, maybe they are the same ones who posted the sign but were too high to realize they failed to put the time and date.

  4. Karma Cafe could be inconsistent, but I gave it high marks. Mainly because it was one of the cheaper sit-down places to eat in that general area and I lived right down the street from it, so I could sit outside and eat eggs on the sidewalk during the weekends while motorcycles almost hit me.

    I noticed the inconsistency, too, but was willing to put up with it because MOST of the time it was still delicious. And it had a semi-interesting menu. The staff there always seemed extra nice, though.