Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Twysters Frozen Custard

This place was run by the same folks who do the Starlight Frozen Custard in St. Matthews, which still exists last time I checked. Not sure why they used a different name for this place, since it seemed pretty much the same shtick. It was fun going here and getting malts and shakes in this building that used to be an auto repair garage, and it was interesting how they took advantage of the area just inside the giant bay doors to set up cafe tables.

Unfortunately, their location (10490 Westport Road) wasn't all that great - the Tinseltown area is one where few people actually live, they're just passing through here on their way to someplace else. Even their proximity to E.P. Sawyer Park wasn't enough to keep them afloat.

I've never understood the economics of ice cream places that close for the winter. I guess they must know something I don't, because a great many places do it that way. But I can't conceive of having a business where you're still paying rent for half a year even when you're not using the place. And do people really sell enough cones during the other half of the year to make the whole venture worth doing? Me, I eat ice cream all year round, even in the deepest snowy days.

Anyway, here's to ya, Twysters. You were enjoyed.

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  1. I think some places that close for the winter are "mom n pop" stores that own the property and dont pay rent. Ones like Twisters that do pay rent would have a tougher time surviving