Sunday, May 10, 2009


Probably the grandest of all restauranteur Bim Deitrich's schemes was Primo, a fusion of authentic country Italian and upscale big-city snootiness. I adored it. This was one of my absolute favorite restaurants in town, and seeing it go was a real heartbreaker. Why it had to go, I don't know - Bim didn't say.

Surprisingly, their website is still online, including PDF files of their lunch menu, dinner menu, and wine list. Copy 'em while you can for future reminiscing, my fellow Primo worshippers. Their storefront's fancy sign and awnings also remain intact for the time being, at 445 East Market Street downtown. The place has been empty since last September.

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  1. Now the place is home to Mozz, which seems pretty similar in concept to Primo and seems to be doing steady business. Though heavily belated, I think the Downtown revitalization everyone was going on about is finally starting to happen.