Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Master's International Coffee

This place has been gone a few years but their building - at 4806 Bardstown Road - remains unoccupied. Strangely, if you peek in the window (see photo below), everything is still sitting in there gathering dust. If anyone wanted to go into the coffee business, looks like it's all set up and ready go for you right here.

I never went here but I was always curious about it. However, all of us over here at JSH HQ are loyal to Starbucks and the KISS Coffeehouse.

Master International Coffee's old website is long gone, but the Internet Archive has a cached copy of it here.


  1. Before this the building was a some kind of Asian restaurant as well. The guy that ran this also ran/runs a furniture place further down the road in Fern Creek. I don't know if it's Casual Living or not but we bought some wicker rocking chairs for our little deck/patio from him and he gave us a coupon for the Masters place. We never went but even after sitting unused all this time it still looks like it would have been a pretty neat place. Just not a good location.

  2. Starbucks???? but so many smaller better places in town...............

  3. I've been to plenty of local coffeehouses - Day's, Heine Bros, Java, etc. - but Starbucks suits me just fine. We all love Starbucks and have our morning Catclaw meetings there.