Sunday, June 21, 2009

Nios at 917

Nios at 917 was one of Louisville's finest restaurants. So naturally, of course it didn't last, while some of Louisville's worst ones continue to persist and thrive. It was run by the great Jun Eugenio, formerly of Jicama Grill, another one of Louisville's finest restaurants that no longer exists.

Before Nios, it was a rather cheesy nightclub called @mosphere, and before that, it was Bazo's Baja Grill, and before that it was Jupiter Grill. There were a few other fly-by-night ventures in there as well, long since forgotten by me.

Then way back in the day, it was a Masonic lodge called Shibboleth Hall, which is a name I find fascinating. (Check out this Unusual Kentucky blog post to find out why.)

And way, way back in the day, this building began as the Gem Theatre, another subject of great interest to me. I'm trying to find out more about the Gem, and what sort of plays were staged there.

What's next for 917 Baxter Avenue? Something, I hope. It's too beautiful a building to stay uninhabited.

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