Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Bluegrass Industrial Park

It seems like the Bluegrass Industrial Park area has more and more empty spaces every time I drive through it. Once a rarity, realtor's signs are literally everywhere you look out here now.

There are other industrial parks adjacent, but generally, everyone just refers to this area as "the industrial park", or "that place where all the streets have scientific names". (Such as: Bunsen, Laser, Data, Decimal, Technology, Ampere, Electron, Cobalt, Element, Diode)

The way businesses are disappearing fast out here, maybe this is a good time to score some industrial space. Hopefully some of these places are really willing to wheel-and-deal now. (They'd better be - all of these locations in these images are within one or two minutes drive from each other.)


  1. I used to work at the very first one...Clarcor...surprised this didn't happen sooner...

    Anybody know where I can get some warehouse space?

  2. I think that in the future there will be lots of offices here. This is the same of what cavite industrial park experienced before it made a name in business district.