Saturday, June 27, 2009

Factory, 18th and Main

Dunno what used to be here, but I've always admired this handsome old factory building at the corner of 18th and Main, in the Russell area. (Most people consider that whole general area past, say, Glassworks, to be Portland, but it's actually Russell.)

And a couple weeks ago I drove past it to find, to my horror, that it's being demolished. I'm sure whatever is built in its place will be attractive, functional, and exciting. (*cough*)

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  1. Jason - This is (was) the old National Tobacco Works. I know this because in doing research about my old place, the Widmer House, which I wrote about in "Ghosts of Old Louisville," I discovered that the first owner/occupant of my old house, Jacob Widmer, was the business manager there in the late 1800s. I went "exploring" there several times with someone who was able to get me in, and it was a great old building. Sadly, it's now another part of our city's history that is biting the dust.