Saturday, June 6, 2009

Burwinkle Hendershot

I don't even know whatever happened to Burwinkle Hendershot. Their old location on Main Street downtown is still there, empty as ever. There's been talk of swanky lofts going in there for an eternity, but it never happens.


  1. thanks for keeping this up. i'm somewhat local and have ventured into louisville a few times to snap shots of old buildings and signs before they're gone. ii've linked my shot of burwinkle hendershot back to your blog. if you're interested, you can view my images here:

    i'll definitely be keeping track of your finds! thanks again for posting!

  2. Believe it or not, the lofts actually happened! All traces of Burwinkle Hendershot are now completely gone, the space being replaced by Sol Aztecas and Old Crow (a brewery/BBQ joint).

    In fact, the entire block seems to be undergoing a total renaissance: the three buildings closest to 2nd street have been completely renovated and are looking quite snazzy in comparison to their former decrepit state. The next building in line, 121 Main Place, seems to be similarly undergoing renovations. Based on this pattern (and all the construction equipment around the area), I wouldn't be surprised if within the next decade or so Whiskey Row is completely back to its former glory.