Saturday, June 13, 2009

Movie Gallery, Germantown Square

Despite its greatness, the new Blu-Ray format just isn't taking off, yet the era of the DVD is just about over. Even as attendance at new movies in theaters is dropping drastically, and more and more people are content to watch "whatever's on TV" or whatever nonsense someone's nephew just posted to YouTube.

Let's face it: Hollywood movies are an endangered species.

Therefore, it's not surprising that movie rental outlets are quickly vanishing from the American landscape as quickly as they began popping up like mushrooms in the early 1980s.

Part of me is actually enjoying watching this happen. A big part of me. I'm hoping it'll set the stage for a new renaissance in indie film as well as a renewed vibrancy and respect for stage theatre.

But we both know it's probably really just the dawning of the age of Redbox.

Germantown Square, 1265 Goss Avenue. (Why is this place called Germantown Square when I'm pretty sure it's actually in Schnitzelburg?)

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