Friday, June 12, 2009

1101 Dixie Highway

The sign on the front, faded and barely readable, seems to have said "J & D Dispensary", but I'm not certain of that. C & O? T & O? T & D?

According to numerous realtor sites, the place has been completely ruined inside by a fire, and is available for sale strictly for the purpose of the land it's standing on, not the building itself. So, it sounds like a safe bet we won't be seeing this structure rehabilitated in the future. More likely, it'll be torn down and rezoned residential so as to build a fourplex apartment building or something.

Then I found an entry on for one Edwin B. Kaplan. It says here that at one time 1101 Dixie Highway was a pharmacy called Kaplin Drugs, which explains the ancient "Prescriptions Filled Accurately" Ghost Sign painted on the side of the building. An intriguing, even ghostier, painted sign can barely be perceived beneath that one, possibly an ad for chewing tobacco.

Google Maps Street View features what seems to be a much older image of the building, in which its front signage is ("We Accept Food Stamps - Deli - Meats - Ice Cream", etc.) is much more readable.

This stretch of Dixie Highway is in a small Jefferson County community called California (not to be confused with another California, KY, located in Campbell County).

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  1. what a mess. the bldg cant be used, but nobody can prolly afford to have it torn down.