Sunday, August 23, 2009

Red Tree, Middletown

I guess the Red Tree store on Market Street downtown does an OK business - I mean, they're always packed to the rafters during Gallery Hop nights. Although I never see anyone actually buying anything during all the wine-soaked revelry.

Someone thought it was a good idea to open a second one on Shelbyville Road in Middletown. Perhaps they were thinking that the affluent Middletown/Anchorage populace made the location an obvious choice for lightning to strike twice with that Red Tree magic.

Not so.

Middletown doesn't really have anything comparable to the downtown Gallery Hop, and there is zero foot traffic here. Absolutely none. They've even done away with a couple of TARC stops in the area since no one ever used them. Downtown, Red Tree is hipster party central personified and sparkles like a crown jewel, but in Middletown it was just another knick-knack shop among many, and on not a particularly attractive block at that. (All the "elegant junk" action is one street over, on Middletown's much more swingin' Main street.)

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