Thursday, August 27, 2009


323 Wallace Avenue (just a few doors down from the also-empty Close Knit Cafe space) was Bazo's Fresh Mexican Grill. Never went there, so I didn't really miss it when it left. There was another branch of it on Dutchmans Lane, but I'm not sure if it closed too - maybe so, since their website seems to be defunct.

Google Maps Street View captured Bazo's during its existence:

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  1. As for the Dutchman's Lane location, they actually seem to do extremely well, especially on weekends when they always seem jam-packed.

    I'd guess this location probably came second, but with a larger, more impressive joint 10 minutes down the road, people probably had no motivation to go to this one, which admittedly looks like a little hole in the wall. As for the defunct website... well, that may forever remain a mystery.