Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Electric Blue Print & Supply

Electric Blue Print & Supply has occupied this building on Story Avenue for as long as I've lived in Louisville. From the looks of the structure, it may have been some sort of fancy furniture store or department store way back in the day.

A couple years ago, they announced a big unexpected "going out of business" sale and hurriedly ditched everything in the place. I gleefully loaded up on cheap art supplies and fixtures but hated to see them go - at the time, I was running the Cinderblock Gallery just a few doors down and relied heavily on Electric Blue for all my art needs.

Shortly after going out of business, though, they promptly reappeared at a new location on Frankfort Avenue. This confused me. And still does. And their old location remains on the market but still sits empty to this day. Someone's paintings have been displayed in the windows for a long time now (Hey people, that's really not good for the paintings).

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