Sunday, August 30, 2009

Music Go Round

The music goes round and round, and it comes out here... at the end of the road, the graveyard of American commerce, another empty building.


  1. I think you should know that our Louisville store moved 1 mile west to a 9000 sq/ft facility in which our franchisee actually OWNS the building. Our store is THRIVING in this economy, not going out of business.

    Please check our website; for store locations and updates.

    Tim Kletti
    Music Go Round

  2. ...or better yet -just go to the new Louisville stores website and read and see the larger store, the added coffee shop and literally 5 times as many lesson rooms !

  3. Good to know.

    I also received a rather rude email from someone else at Music Go Round informing me that they didn't go out of business, they just moved.

    The purpose of this blog is only to point out empty storefronts, period. It doesn't necessarily imply that the stores previously in them went out of business. If I happen to know what happened to the businesses in question, I'm happy to relay that info, but that isn't the purpose of the blog, nor do I go to any effort to seek that info out.

    By "the graveyard of American commerce" I was referring to there being another empty building added to the rising glut of available commercial real estate in Louisville (which, again, is the entire point of the blog) not Music-go-Round's business itself.