Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Jarfi's Bistro

Poor Jarfi's. First they left a cushy gig at the Kentucky Center, then they moved into the former Lentini's Little Italy spot on Bardstown Road, where it's reported by Louisville Hot Bytes that they were spending $10,000 a month on rent. Think on that. Ten Grand a month for an upscale bistro to hawk carpaccio and vichyssoise to Highland hipsters, in a sinking economy just an anchovy-hair away from Weimar-itude. What is past is prologue.

(Did I say "poor Jarfi's"? Well, don't shed a tear, friends, they're actually marshaling their forces for yet another reinvention that promises to be their best ever: Jarfi's Diner opens in September on the first and tenth floors of the newly-completed Zirmed Towers on 9th and Market. I'll be there on their opening night - come join me, won't you?)


  1. Fun to see that photo. When I was born (1938), my parents lived in an apartment house just around the corner, on Alta Ave.

    The store on the end used to be a barber shop.

    The Lentini's holds a fun memory for me. When my wife and I returned from our honeymoon (1961) we went there for pizza, knowing there was nothing in our apartment. She got some of that pizza pepper in her eye and spent the rest of the night with teary eyes!

  2. Thanks PreachOn :) It's a shame Lentini's couldn't stick around. Even though I rarely ate there in its final years, I just liked knowing it was there.