Thursday, July 2, 2009


Candyjacks Antiques and Collectibles was run from this residential home at 703 Lyndon Lane. Never went in here, but always passed it on my way to Choi's Asian Market and wondered what dusty goodness transpired within its walls.

"Candyjacks" seems like a wacky name for an antique store. I always wondered if this place had been a candy store prior, and they just took over the name and recycled the sign since it was there.


  1. So that's what it was, huh? I've driven by there multiple times a week for years, as it's right by my house, and never knew what was inside.

  2. This is a resale business of quality home furnishings and decorating items. The name was not from a Candy Store. The name came from my own name. We have moved from this location to Candyjacks, 3300 Frankfort Avenue, Louisville, KY 40206 618.3339. We are opened from 10:00 to 5:00 Mon - Sat. Come see will find we do not have DUSTY OLD ITEMS. We are proud to be part of the recycle GREEN process!