Friday, July 24, 2009

The Corner Dog Food Store

I dunno what's up with this one. A building with two different storefronts, both of which are now empty, and both of which are actually sort-of connected inside. I forget now what was here before, but after they left, a sign reading "The Corner Dog Food Store" appeared. But this theoretical dog food store is almost completely empty and I've never seen it open, except once I caught the landlord/owner puttering around in there.

I inquired about what it cost to rent the space but instead he gave me a looooong convoluted speech about unfair city zoning laws, flaky tenants he has known, minutiae of the circus-poster collecting subculture, and of course, dog food. And it was peppered with those annoying kind of leading questions that should be rhetorical but weren't: "And you know what happened next?" "Can you guess what that scoundrel told me then?" "Do you know what the single most important thing to remember is for a small business?", and so forth. (And of course, acknowledgement was expected for each question.)

I never did find out what he was asking for the place.


  1. Spree, clothing store used to be here.

  2. ah.... Da, da. Short memory here.