Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Cafe Metro

Cafe Metro, at the corner of Bardstown Road and Duker Avenue, R.I.P.

I ate here only once - almost twenty years ago, on a lunch date with a girlfriend. In those days, I was even more of a strictly meat-and-potatoes man than I am now, there was nothing on the menu that even remotely interested me - it was all salads and quiches and casseroles and sauteed vegetable dishes. Even the few meat dishes on the menu were ruined for me by being saturated with weird gravies and sauces that didn't sound terribly appetizing.

I watched her eat some sort of spinach something-or-other, while I munched the table's bread and drank the complimentary water, putting on my best Arthur Dent placid smile and counting the minutes till I could get out of there and get to a good steak house or BBQ joint.

As my palate has greatly matured since then, I probably should've gone back to the Cafe Metro after moving to Louisville a few years back. But I never got around to it. There were just too many more interesting places nearby. Cafe Metro was extremely pricey, and if I wanted to spend $70 on a meal on Bardstown Road, there's always been someplace far better. Like Seviche or (sometimes) Palermo Viejo.


  1. Bardstown Road at Duker! I remember that place. Back in the late middle ages I went to Longfellow School, in the middle of the block of Duker between Bardstown Road and Fernwood. In the 5th and 6th grades I served on the school safety patrol, and was sometimes assigned to that corner. The building was a very dark, smelly, bar that both attracted and repelled kids like me. We were half scared when we had to do duty on that corner! At least Metro cleaned it up!

  2. What was the bar called, do you recall? Cafe Metro started in 1981, so the bar remained in that spot right up into Cafe Metro cleaned the place up?

  3. The Cafe Metro site was Marios Pizza. Across the street, Uptown Cafe was Tim Tam Two (or Too?)