Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Arby's, Shelbyville Road

This used to be one of the last remaining Arby's restaurants to still retain its glorious old 1960's-style neon sign.

You'd think it would be enshrined as a national treasure, right? Wrong.

The place was torn down last year and a sign was put up stating that a Mini Cooper dealership is coming. But so far, the lot is still empty and ugly.

Meanwhile, a new, modernized Arby's was erected down the street. Whoop-de-doo.


  1. I always disliked that Arby's becuase it never had a drive-thru...much like the old White Castle that was down the was hoping all the auto dealearships were disappearing from the area as well but...what can ya do?

  2. Wait... this is a photograph of the actual (former) location correct? The sign says that they do have a drive thru...

    Anyway, great blog! I'm really happy I found it. I am always interested in looking at stuff like this, trying to remember 'what' was 'where' back in the day. If only you started collecting this data 10+ years ago! I actually have a few photos that I scanned of the St Matthews area from a perspective on Shelbyville Rd in 1998, albeit a limited view.

  3. If they ever did have a drive thru, they must've taken it out. I remember this being the first place we ate out at when my family and I moved up here a little less than 6 years ago, and there was no drive thru to be found. The street in the picture looks too crowded, though, so I doubt that picture's of the same restaurant.