Tuesday, April 28, 2009

King Buffet

I never went inside the King Buffet near the I-64 Exit off Blankenbaker. I started to one night, and then realized they had a "C" grade from the Health Department - the only one I've ever seen - on the door.

Recently, I drove by and saw they've finally given up the ghost. Although I can't say I lament their passing for culinary reasons, I'll sure miss them for architectural reasons.


  1. I practically lived at this place. I didn't patronize much with the 'C' but I believe you have to have at least a 'B' to serve alcohol...which they soon accomplished. Gee, I went there enough to know the grades on the door...is that lame? I liked it because it wasn't that crowded AND it was a buffet. I think the restrooms were a big reason their clean grades weren't so good. My new hangout is the Jumbo Buffet in Stonybrook. Good stuff.

  2. I ate there once at the time think they had a B,If I lived in Louisville would have gone back it was a buffet the food was decent and not too expensive.